About Us

Middlehurst Motorsport and the GT-R go back many years from our time successfully racing the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. That was the catalyst to create a thriving business dedicated to the GT-R that continues to grow even today.

While all Nissan High Performance Centre staff are specifically chosen and trained, the in-depth knowledge and passion of our own team has enabled us to go the extra mile (or kilometre). We are the only NHPC in Europe approved to sell, install and service the Nismo ClubSport components and one of only two SpecV trained NHPCs in the UK.

Even before the first customer deliveries took place in Europe we were already working closely with Nissan Europe to ensure the launch was a success. This close relationship continues today in many areas. 

  • Circuit Driving tuition
  • Nissan Race Academy Technical Support
  • FIA GT1 Safety and Support Car Technical Management
  • Training collaboration with Nissan Europe
  • Facility project management with Nissan Europe 

Our facilities at Middlehurst enable the highest level of after sales care. We have a dedicated GT-R workshop which is separate from the main workshop for other Nissan products while our on-site GT-R bodyshop is the only one in the UK actually on site within an NHPC.