S1 - 570bhp

Our S1 upgrade gives some meaning to the fit of the Y-pipe and incorporates a recalibration of the GTRs engine management system. This recalibration will release an extra 60-70bhp and transform the way the GTR performs without pushing the limits of Nissans original engine parameters.


The Step 1 upgrade encourages the GT-R engine to breath better when fitted with the Y pipe.  The change in ECM map recalibrates the engine management system releasing around 60-70 bhp.


We use the ECUTek management system to facilitate these changes to tranform the perform of your GT-R with minimum compromise of reliability.

The S1 Power upgrade includes:

  • Removal of secondary Catalyist using HKS or Milltek Y pipe
  • Driver adjustable boost control using cruise control button on the steering wheel.
  • Changable maps to allow standard map to be used when required.
  • Accurate improve boost control & characteristics
  • Overall improvement in fuel consumption, relative to increased performance
  • Revised fuel, ignition & VVT parameters
  • Power & Torque increase across full engine RPM range
  • Adjustable launch control set up when used with transmission map enhancement*


Our Step 1 package starts at £1095 inc of VAT and Fitted.  The price is dependent on your choice of Y pipe.  Call us for our advice and recommendations.

If you already have a Y pipe installed prices start at £600.00 inc of VAT.



If your GT-R is still within its 3 Year/60,000 warranty period it is very important that you refer to Nissan’s Warranty Booklet and Maintenance Booklet Section 3 – THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT NISSAN GT-R PAN EUROPE WARRANTY.  Detailed in Section 3.8.4 (WHAT IS NOT COVERED) it is specifically detailed that Nissan will not cover warranty repairs on modified vehicles.  The risk and onus is upon you, the owner.

Regardless of what you will read on the internet or be told by many independents garages modifications cannot be hidden.  Any attempt to hide/erase the modification or tamper with the VSDR system will likely result in repairs not being covered by Nissan Warranty.

Middlehurst Motorsport, under no circumstances, can ensure, promise or imply that a warranty claim will be honoured by Nissan in the event of a failure connected or unconnected when aftermarket products are used to increase the performance of your GT-R.