Accident Repair Centre

Middlehurst Motorsport's Accident Repair Centre offers a unique service for GT-R customers in the UK.  Unlike other outlets that do not have an onsite bodyshop we can offer a full service without subcontracting and therefore compromising quality control.  Our Accident Centre is fully housed onsite in St Helens, Merseyside.

Because of the unique construction and materials used in the GT-R's chassis and body it is critical that any damage incurred requiring work in a bodyshop is repaired to the highest level

All Nissan High Performance Centres (NHPCs) must have access to an approved (and audited) local facility that has both the correct bodyshop tools and knowledge to ensure a GT-R performs and handles as expected after repair.


Middlehurst Motorsport is the only NHPC in the UK to have its GT-R Approved Bodyshop within the facility.

This ensures a faster completion of work and reduced the need for transportation to and from a third party facility for other non-bodyshop work after an accident.  From a customer point of view it also means you can communicate with Middlehurst as a one-stop-shop when it comes to understanding how the repairs are progressing.


Our preparation, repair and paint finishing skills do not begin and end with accident repairs.  We regularly undertake restoration, winter rebuilds and project work.  Some our work has included restoration of historic F1 & F2 cars, Group N R32 GT-R restoration, BARC Formula Renault paint preparation, classic Lotus Cortina shell preparation and painting along with other confidential high profile projects that you will have seen in the global press.


For more information call us on 0871 200 2021 or by email.