Annual Optimisation

The Optimisation is a critical part of the GT-R's periodic maintainance.  Even though no parts are changed during this operation the adjustments that are made are very important part of keeping your GT-R running optimal performance and efficiency.

The first Optimisation service is carried out at 1200 miles.  This is often referred to as the 'running in' period.  A correct and thorough run in period is critical to the future feel of the GT-R.  Further optimisation operations are required annually.  For the first 3 years of the GT-R's life these operations are free of cost to GT-R owners provided they are carried out within the dealer network.

Failure to have the optimisation carried out annually can result in such issues as increased tyre wear, poor fuel economy and abnormal gearbox performance and functionality.

Transmission Clutch Settings

Probably the most important part of the GT-R is the transmission.  This single component of the GT-R is vital overall performance and feel.  Therefore, regular adjustment when required is vital. 




The GR6 gearbox requires adjustement and inspection using the latest Nissan Consult 3 Plus machine.  With this hardware we are able to, within reason, tailor the feel of the clutch to each owners requirements.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an often overlooked aspect of road car performance.  For the GT-R this is a very important area, especially after the initial run in period.  The GT-R is very sensitive to geometery change and adjustment.  We are able to tune the GT-R's adjustable suspension to cater for your needs.  Whether it be city driving, normal road driving or track driving.

We only use the latest optical wheel alignment equipement that is periodically caliberated by the manufacturer so we can ensure that GT-R owners receive the highest possible levels of accuracy.

Engine settings (balancing of air flow for left and right banks)

As a Vee configuration engine the GT-R has two cylinder banks that operate independently.  These two banks need to work in unison to ensure peak operating conditions for the VR38DETT. 


During the optimisation we check the parameters of each bank and calibrate them accordlingly.  This includes the settings for the air flow sensors, gas sensors and turbo chargers.