R32 Skyline GT-R

In 1989 Nissan revived the famous GT-R name with the intention to dominate Group A racing in Japan.

For motorsport reasons the decision was made to make the car all-wheel drive so Nissan developed an AWD system for this purpose called the ATTESA E-TS. Powered by an all-new straight-six 2.6 litre engine the
all-wheel drive concept was put into production as the R32 Nissan Skyline

The R32's engine developed 276 hp and 266 lbft of torque and had a kerb weight of 1,430 kg. A minimum production of 510 was set to allow for homologation and started in the Spring of 1989. Its successful launch was aided by critical acclaim within the motoring press. Nissan officially started an unlimited production run in August 1989, and began its Group A campaign in 1990.

Total production of the R32 Skyline GT-R was 43,394 units with many sold in white: this is likely due to the fact that white is the national racing colour of Japan in international motorsport.